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Crystorama Lighting

WELCOME to Crystorama Lighting! The Crystorama Lighting Group takes great pride in sharing our enthusiasm and passion for design and superior quality.

Founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1958 by Abraham Kleinberg, Crystorama is a family owned company whose primary concern is for excellence expressed in our styling, detailing, and sincere caring for our valued customers. The company was initially founded as a primary importer of crystal chandeliers from Czechoslovakia - and offered the finest selection of classical crystal designs. The rich heritage has continued by sourcing out the best quality crystal worldwide. It's unique resources have allowed Crystorama Lighting Group to remain a dominant producer of crystal, brass, and wrought iron chandeliers that remains unsurpassed in North America.

Crystorama chandeliers are of traditional designs and use authentic molds and patterns to maintain the traditions of our forefathers. In a world of mass production, Crystorama continues to offer traditional chandeliers that require years of experience and specialized craftsmanship.

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