Five Rivers

Outdoor Lanterns FAQ

What size outdoor lantern should I use and how high should it be mounted?

. There are three main things to consider when choosing and installing your outdoor lantern: 1. If you are putting a lantern only on one side of the door, the lantern should be equal to about one third the height of the door. The ratio changes to one fourth the height of the door if you are putting lanterns on both sides of the door. Keep in mind that some fixtures have long tails, scrolls, or some other decorative accent which may make the fixture feel larger and potentially overpower the entry. 2. The fixture should be installed so that the filament of the bulb (the little wires in the glass part) are approximately 66 inches above the porch. 3. Remember that your fixture is going to look about half its size from 50 feet away. A lantern that is too small will look out of place from the sidewalk and street. Beacon Hill Outdoor Sconce HF Outdoor Sconce 30-6001 Plantation Lantern Troy One-Light Nantucket Outdoor -M.Wood
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