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Rustic Style Lighting

Rustic style is one of the many distinctly American design movements.

The design philosophy is centered around images and materials that are associated frontier life in the early United States. National Parks in the U.S. almost exclusively and universally employ rustic designs in their public buildings. The fundamental idea of rustic styles is simplicity and use of eclectic materials. One need only think of the materials that were available on the early frontier to imagine what is an what is not available to a rustic designer. Although today, the manufacture of rustic fixtures may differ slightly due to the realities of modern production methods. However, the timelessness of the style is not lost on its lack of authenticity or unique craftsmanship. Instead, one should focus on its aesthetic qualities and the styles status as one which is derived from the pragmatism of early Americans. Craftsmanship is an integral aspect of the style. Something cant really be rustic unless it looks like it was made by hand, just as all ornamental features of early American life would have been. Hand carved wood and carefully arranged wrought iron all tie together to form a style that is uniquely American, as these were the early building materials of our country. Early settlers of the frontier would have relied upon local wood to supply the basic building material of their homes. Wrought iron was once the most widely available form of metal, as it was used by blacksmiths, who were common until the advent of the automobile. When thinking of what could be categorized as rustic design styles, one often thinks of log cabins with cobble stone fireplaces. This nostalgic image is quite common, and in most instances intentional. The national parks of the United States employ their own unique brand of rustic design. From the Adirondack Mountains to Yosemite, the Park Service employs an iconic set of rustic buildings. Aged yet impressive wood interiors, accompanied by wrought iron fixtures and large stone fireplaces lend a man made addition to the majesty of the natural world. Across modern America rustic style is employed in the construction of vacation properties and second homes in rural locales. However, depending upon the style of ones home, rustic features might make for a unique home interior in any urban setting. At home, or at ones second home, rustic design brings about dramatic change in mood. A bold departure from traditional home interiors, the use of rustic styles can make ones home feel otherworldly in an otherwise repetitive urban environment. Even though the style conjures up images of log cabins and mountain lodges, a rustic interior does not necessarily need to match the exterior design of the house. Especially so in modern America, where suburban communities leave little room for unique exteriors. Modern lighting fixtures provide a simple way to incorporate rustic features into the home. Full lines of lighting from Hinkley, Hubbardton Forge and Arroyo Craftsman made for simple yet striking additions to an aspiring rustic home.